National Institute of Technology Calicut
Research and Consultancy

National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) is actively involved in diverse areas of research and offers consultancy services to industry. NITC entered into the area of active research through projects from DRDO way back in 1980. The research and consultancy activities are actively taken up by the faculty members of the Institute and have been gaining momentum in the recent past. Currently there is more thrust on inter disciplinary research activities. Sponsored research projects investigated by the faculty and supported by various government and research organizations have helped the Institute in procuring state of the art instruments and equipment necessary for carrying out high quality research. Research projects of academic nature as well as those aimed at solving industrial problems are being pursued.


The Office of the Dean-Research and Consultancy facilitates and coordinates all research and development activities of the Institute. The communication and coordination work, compilation and dissemination of scientific and technical information, registration for patent of products etc. are looked after by this Office. Details of expertise, infrastructure, major projects (consultancy and research), clients, sponsors etc. are available in the corresponding sections of this website

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