Architecture and Planning


The Department of Architecture and Planning is committed to provide an academically strong platform for those aspirants who would make a good meatier and leave an enduring impression in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The educational program in Architecture throughout the world shares a common view of the future of mankind and recognizes its unpredictability. This calls for an attitude for research, exploration and evaluation to authenticate the work of design. Great are the thoughts that moved the world... greater are the perpetuators of these thoughts. The Department of Architecture and Planning plans and strives to reach these goals by offering the Undergraduate (5 Year B.Arch.) Degree Program in Architecture.

The Post Graduate Degree (2 Year M. Plan) Program in Urban Planning aims to produce generalist planning professionals of international quality who can adapt to any challenging planning situation with superior capability to use geo-informatics which includes GIS, remote sensing, related models and quantitative methods in urban, regional and environmental planning. The program envisages inculcating scientific diagnostic and urban management abilities in professional planners to understand planning issues holistically and equip them with predictive ability to analyze the outcome of economic, social, environment and energy impacts using simulation of future scenarios.

The Department of Architecture and Planning has been ranked FIFTH in India among the Best Schools of Architecture by the OUTLOOK Survey published this week. This is the FOURTH time in a row (from 2014 onwards) the Department is maintaining its position in the TOP TEN Schools in India. The Department was ranked SIXTH in the year 2016 and 2015.
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