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Department of Mechanical Engineering, the largest department in the Institute, offers regular undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes.  It also offers part time doctoral degree programmes, mainly meant for those employed in industries and academic institutions.  It offers a number of continuing education programmes too, for industry personnel.  Summer/Winter schools sponsored by the AICTE/ISTE have also been organised by the Department.  The faculty  provide guest lectures also for many of the neighbouring institutions.  Besides teaching, the members of the faculty are involved in consultancy work (Design&Development, Energy Auditing, Industrial Sickness Evaluation, Testing etc.), sponsored research work (sponsored by DST, AICTE, ARDB etc.), and product development


To impart nationally and internationally recognised education in Mechanical Engineering, leading to well-qualified engineers who are innovative contributors to the profession and successful in advanced studies and research


To offer high quality graduate and post graduate programmes in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and to prepare students for professional career and higher studies promoting  excellence in teaching, research, entrepreneurship, collaborative activities with ethical values, making positive contributions to the society.

POs and PEOs of various Programmes

Curriculum and Syllabi with COs of Various Programmes