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Financial Assistance


A few research fellowships are available to full time research scholars who are not receiving any financial support/scholarship from other Agencies or State or Central Governments. They are required to assist the Department in the academic work for at least 8 hour per week as per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development,Govt.of India,in addition to satisfying other conditions for the award/renewal of the fellowship.The present rate of fellowships are as follows:



I & II Years
III & IV Year
Ph.D. in Engineering
RS.14,000/- pm
Rs.15,000/- pm
Ph.D. in Science & Management Studies
Rs.12,000/- pm
Rs 14,000/- pm



This Facility Will not be available to UGC/CSIR/NBHM/NET Fellowship holders.However,those who are awarded UGC/CSIR/NET/National Board of Higher Mathematics Doctoral Fellowship can enjoy the same once admitted to the Ph.D.Programme.