Heads of Multidisciplinary Centres

Multidisciplinary Centres


Centre for Cultural and Art Relations (CCAR)

Dr. G K Rajanikant

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL)

Dr. T M Madhavan Pillai

Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS)

Dr. R Sreedharan

Centre for Industry-Institutional Relations (CIIR)

Dr. Jose Mathew

Centre for Information Technology, Research and Automation (CITRA)

Dr. S D Madhukumar

Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Incubation (CIEI)

Dr. Ashok S

Centre for International Relations & Foreign Languages (CIRFL)

Dr. M K Ravi Varma

Centre for Public Relations, Information and Media Exchange (C-PRIME)

Dr. Abdul Nazeer K A

Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement (CQAE)

Dr. P S Sathidevi

Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST)

Dr. Lisa Sreejith

Centre for Yoga and Holistic Wellness (CYHW)

Dr. Kasturba A K