NITC Hostels

National Institute of Technology Calicut Hostels

There are 11 hostels and few flats for men and two hostels for women. The total capacity of all hostels and flats currently available is more than 6000. There is a separate  hostel- international hostel for guest accommodation. One more mega hostel for boys is being constructed to avoid the crowd in the rooms.

All the hostels have Common room and Recreational centre where newspapers, magazines, TV’s and indoor sports/games facilities are available. Guest room facilities are available in each hostel for the relatives/guests of hostel inmates on chargeable basis.  Free twenty four hour internet and computational facilities are available in almost all hostels; it is getting extended to other hostels too.

Twenty four hour water and electricity (with DG power back up) is part of the all the hostels. Mini canteen,milma, amul kiosks, DTP centre, co-operative stores, Text book centre, are functioning in Students Amenity Centre.Two Power laundries are also functioning  in the hostels

The ladies hostel has the following facilities like ladies gym, stitching and tailoring centre, hostel library, fitness parlour,   indoor sports centre, DTP centre, Ice cream shop, extension of co-operative store. A night canteen and an amul kiosk also function in Ladies Hostel as well.

There are 11 messes serving food with wide varieties of menu, associated with men's hostels out of which, C mess is south Indian vegetarian and B mess is north Indian vegetarian and 4 messes in ladies hostel catering demands of students from all over India. All the students except first year boys are allowed to join any of the messes.   However, dining from any one of the messes within the hostel premises is compulsory for the inmates.Failing which lead to fine (an amount equivalent to 22 days mess charges).  Apart from the main messes, night messes are working which are operating up to midnight enabling students to take tiffin and snacks during their overnight studies.


To provide calm and favourable environment for the students, the inmates of hostels are strictly instructed to follow the code of conduct of NITC Hostels.



Hostel fee structure 2019-20


Forms and formats


Contact Hostel Main Office

Chief Warden

Dr.A. Santhiagu

9048094350, 0495 2285454(O)

Hostel Office Warden

Dr.Lineesh M C

0495 2285208(O), 9495328642


Mr. Reejish Kumar M


Phone Number

2286951, 2287238

Hostel peon Mr. Chandukutty. 2286955(O), 8943536275


Contact for hostel dues

Dues Section: Ms Savitha PK

Ph: 0495 2286954

Email id:


Contact for hostel payment

Accounts Section : Ms.  Sheeja P

Ph:  0495 2286955

Email id:


Contacts for Guest room

We have guest rooms as given below




International Hostel

3 bedded


G Hostel

2 bedded



2 bedded

250/ day


2 bedded

250/ day

Contact for Guest rooms:   Ms.  Suriakala Devi T A (C4)

Ph: 0495 228 6952


Care-taker International Hostel, phone : 0495 2286970

Contact for Students

Parents can contact the respective steward/ care taker or night attendant (during night time)of the hostel where your ward is staying during any emergency.

List of steward and attendants

Parents can contact wardens also for any clarifications/ details.

List of wardens






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