Sl no Name Specialization
1 Dr. Ashok S, Professor & Head Power and Energy Systems
2 Dr Sivaji Chakravorti,Director Power and Energy Systems
3 Dr. Jeevamma Jacob, Professor Instrumentation and Control
4 Dr. Abraham T. Mathew, Professor Instrumentation and Control
5 Dr. Nandakumar M. P, Professor Control Systems
6 Dr. Paul K. Joseph, Professor Bio-Medical Instrumentation
7 Dr. Saly George, Professor Power Electronics
8 Dr. Sivanandan K. S, Professor Instrumentation and Control
9 Dr. Susy Thomas, Professor Control Systems
10 Mr. Ananthakrishnan P, Associate Professor Electrical Energy Systems
11 Dr. Elizabeth P Cheriyan, Associate Professor Power Systems
12 Dr. Preetha P, Associate Professor High Voltage Engg.,Nanodielectrics
13 Dr. Rijil Ramchand, Associate Professor Power Electronics and Drives
14 Mr. Sureshkumar K S, Associate Professor Power Electronics
15 Ms. Hema Rani P, Assistant Professor Power Electronics
16 Dr. Jagadanand G, Assistant Professor Power Electronics
17 Dr. Kumaravel S, Assistant Professor Power Systems
18 Dr. Mija S J, Assistant Professor Control Systems
19 Dr. Mukti Barai, Assistant Professor Power Electronics
20 Dr. Sindhu T.K, Assistant Professor High Voltage Engg, Power Systems
21 Dr. Subha D P, Assistant Professor Power Systems, Biomedical Engineering
22 Mr. Subhash K M, Assistant Professor Control and Instrumentation
23 Dr. Sunil Kumar T K, Assistant Professor Power Systems
24 Dr. Sunitha K, Assistant Professor High Voltage Engg.
25 Dr. Sunitha R, Assistant Professor Power Systems