Course Objectives

• To understand the computational aspects of text data mining in the context of biomedical literature
• To become familiar with numerous data mining and statistical techniques that are necessary for handling biomedical texts
• To familiarize with existing text mining tools that are available as open source
• To learn and develop text mining algorithms using programming tools
• To understand the significance of biomedical entities and their relationships discovered using biomedical text mining
• To learn about visualization methods for analyzing large association networks obtained using text mining.

Course Outline

• Basics on Data mining
• Introduction to Biomedical Text mining
• Demo of basic text mining tools
• Pre-processing techniques
• Practical exercises on biomedical entity extraction
• Biomedical entity-entity association discovery
• Practical exercises on biomedical entity association extraction and visualization
• Introduction to pathway networks
• Practical exercises on biological pathways analysis
• Text mining and Knowledge creation
• Pitfalls in biomedical text mining
• Practical exercises on biological knowledge visualization tools