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Course Overview

Bibliomics has an important role in Systems Biology research along with the other “omics” such as genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. As data and information space continue to grow exponentially, the need for rapidly surveying the published literature, synthesizing, and discovering the embedded "knowledge" is becoming critical to allow the researchers to conduct "informed" work, avoid repetition, and generate new hypotheses. Biomedical literature or publications are the most comprehensive resource of the knowledge amassed in biomedical research. Since it is hard for scientists to manually keep up with this exploding amount of biomedical literature, text mining or automated retrieval of knowledge from biomedical literature has gained more importance over the past several years. Identifying such intricate associations from millions of biomedical text databases will lead to the discovery of new knowledge to understand complex diseases, discovering new drugs and ultimately helps to promote personalized medicine.

Prof. Mathew J Palakal Professor of Informatics & Senior Executive Associate Dean
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA


Dr. Abdul NazeerK A and Dr. Gopakumar G
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala, India

Dr. Ashok S
Dean Research & Consultancy
National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala, India